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Has anyone ever wondered why there are so many definitions of “entrepreneurship”? I would guess that this is because there is no single path to business success. Different methods and techniques apply in different industries and situations, not to mention the dynamic leadership styles needed at various phases of a company’s life. However, there are some small elements that you can weave into your environment and life that increases your efficiency as a business person.

The first key element is „mindset,” which is your way of thinking. Very often it is shaped by your hidden beliefs from your childhood that subconsciously sabotages your self-confidence, courage, and assertiveness. That is why psychotherapy combined with coaching methods has become so popular, as it allows you to eliminate inherent beliefs that limit your potential. The two books that I read during my studies in 2012 were game-changers in my life. The first one, „Secrets of American Millionaires” by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, is a collection of statistics on the habits of wealthy people in the United States (a person with a net worth of more than $1 million). Most people have a completely false idea of health, which does not mean  – as is commonly believed – high wages or high earnings. This book has had a huge impact on my daily life – from rational purchasing decisions, setting life goals, to defining what I believe is my well-being. The second book that changed my way of being is “The Road to Financial Freedom. Your first million in seven years” by Schafer Bodo. It is a coaching book that gets you the most value if you do its exercises. Based on this, you can work on your beliefs and discard the most harmful ones, and develop new ones that make your work and relationships successful. It also helps you discover how much or little you need to make all your dreams come true – have you ever counted how much they will cost you? How many years you need to achieve them? What do you have to do – what kind of person do you have to become, what kind of people to be around with and in what place to be in order to make your dreams come true? This book gets your inner motivational fire to burn so intensely that you can use it to warm your mind for many years.

Second – self-discipline. For me, this is the systematic undertaking of small actions towards a designated direction. I said direction, not goal, because the original goal may change, but the very path towards its realization is already developing your potential in an exponential way. In 2017, I discovered the Best You course. It is a very complicated program that combines theoretical knowledge with practical training, i.e. performing certain exercises every day, at specified intervals, for 8 months. I must admit, it was very fascinating to see how the tendency of a given person to carry out tasks or dreams is dependent on willpower and automation. That is why I simplified or automated many daily tasks, so that my thoughts could focus on the most important decisions; I do not think about my clothing for tomorrow – whatever I take out of the wardrobe will work; I do not think about what I will cook – I have planned meals; I do not worry over my make-up – I have one reliable look; I do not waste time traveling – it takes me 2 minutes to turn on the computer for my job; I do not turn on my phone before work – I let my thoughts experience the morning; I do not use the phone when speaking with another person – I want to decode some’s message clearly without any impediments. Does it sound boring? If one has time to reconsider all of these things every day from the beginning, they can keep doing them. As I have already made all these decisions prior, I can let my thoughts focus on matters which are more relevant to me.

Last but not least, the third key factor that influences your entrepreneurship is the environment. It is not a coincidence that everyone in the United States wants to live in Silicon Valley nowadays – this is the place where you have the opportunity to meet and stay among the most eminent entrepreneurs who dream of making an impact. If you do not have anyone in your family who runs a business, look for an entrepreneurial environment – join a business club, go to MBA studies, actively participate in events organized for entrepreneurs or start-ups. It is important that you see how they think, what they face on a daily basis and what character traits help them run their business. This is where comes in handy – under the current restrictions it is difficult to meet new people. It’s harder to meet offline, and many events are organized online. In addition, if you want to know how to do business in Germany, you need to get to know the wider context, so the best case scenario would be to know someone experienced in this subject who is willing to help you with a substantive consultation. Here is where our MasterMatch network comes into play. It is a global closed business club for entrepreneurs and experts in specific fields, who can exchange their paid (or pro-bono) knowledge and experience with people who are looking for their expertise. Not everyone can get in – the quality of the consultations offered is verified, but once you get VIP status, you can share or gain knowledge in areas such as:

  • online marketing,
  • building a business strategy
  • law,
  • financing,
  • investments,
  • team building and management,
  • leadership,
  • IT consulting services,
  • process management.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship and would like to discuss the topic in more detail, or learn among the best entrepreneurs, I invite you to join our business club as a Master on the website. I have no doubts that you can run an efficient business, but – as John C. Maxwell says  – „it’s hard to improve when you have no one to follow.”

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